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Moisture inside your crawlspace might not seem like a big deal, but it can lead to major problems for your home. As one of the top moisture control companies serving Greenwood, Indiana, our team at Healthy Home Experts, LLC offers professional crawlspace encapsulations to prevent your home's foundation from accumulating too much water. We have the expertise to protect your home and improve the air quality.

Benefits of Professional Crawlspace Encapsulation

Here are several reasons to get crawlspace encapsulations:

  • Moisture Reduction: Water in the crawlspace can damage your home's foundation, raise indoor humidity levels, contribute to mold growth, and cause wood rot.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality: Much of the air you breathe inside your house comes through the crawlspace. If the space has allergens like mold and mildew spores, it will flow up to the main living spaces, reducing the air quality.
  • Less Money on Structural Repairs: Proper encapsulation will protect your home's structural integrity, resulting in fewer costly repairs.

Most crawlspace problems occur from stagnant water, open crawlspaces, and overspanned floor joists. We'll promptly identify the signs and causes of crawlspace damage and other concerning issues.

Crawlspace Encapsulation

How Our Crawlspace Encapsulation Service Works

When you contact our team for crawlspace encapsulation

  • We'll start by clearing the space of debris.

  • We'll measure the ground, ceiling, and walls to determine how much protective materials we need to cover the area.

  • We'll add thick polyethylene sheeting to the material using double-sided tape to serve as a vapor barrier that completely seals the crawlspace from moisture seepage.

  • Install any Sump Pumps if needed

  • Insulate the area with Styrofoam wall-backing

  • Install a dehumidifier for moisture control

We provide some of the best crawlspace encapsulations throughout Greenwood, Indiana, and the surrounding areas.

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