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The last thing you need in your Greenwood, Indiana, home is standing water in your crawlspace. Crawlspace drainage systems are integral for keeping humidity levels low to avoid problems like poor indoor air quality and moisture-related structure damage. 

As one of the best moisture control teams serving Central Indiana, our team at Healthy Home Experts, LLC offers outstanding drainage solutions for crawlspaces and basements. With our years of experience, no situation is too severe for us to handle.

Reliable Crawlspace Drainage Solutions in Greenwood

At Healthy Home Experts, LLC, we specialize in several crawlspace drainage systems to protect your home from water damage:

  • Sump Pump: We can install a sump pumping system in your crawlspace's lowest spot to pump water out and prevent the space from flooding.
  • Crawlspace Encapsulation: Our team can clean and dry your crawlspace before encapsulating it with a vapor barrier to prevent water seepage.
Sump pump with a battery backup

Is It Time To Invest in a Drain System for Your Crawlspace?

Though it's common for water to get inside crawlspaces in Greenwood, Indiana, through a busted pipe, rainy weather, or saturated soil, it can lead to serious problems for your home. Mold growth can quickly get out of control and cause wood rot and foundational cracks. As a result, your floors might sag, and mold spores can infiltrate your home, reducing your indoor air quality.

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